Our 90-Day Coaching Programs



Start the business of your dreams with our step-by-step programs designed to get you up and running in 90 days.  Work with our expert NursePreneurs who are proudly running their own successful businesses in each area that we teach.


IV Hydration Mastermind

Start an IV Hydration business in practically any niche.  Nurses in this business have the potential to generate revenue quickly because it is in high demand all across the country and in a variety of different specialties.

Got questions?  Watch our on demand Masterclass or check out the program and read through our extensive FAQs and student Reviews.


Concierge Nursing

Concierge Nursing is very popular because it’s straightforward, rewarding, and only requires the nursing knowledge you already possess to get started. Join the world’s largest group of concierge members to help you put your business together.

For more info on this specialty we are pioneering, watch our Masterclass or check out the program and read through our student reviews.


Consultants Nursing Research Associates

Change patient lives with new treatments, protocols and life saving advancements.  Be at the forefront of ongoing research and get paid well to do it, and earn the respect of your colleagues.

In this program you will learn how to enter into clinical research without wasting time trying to prove yourself and hefty competition for mediocre paying consulting gigs.  Start off at the top of the pay scale.


Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Leaders is a program designed to show nurse entrepreneurs how to work as independent consultants and implement the Medicare approved program into practices.

One contract with a primary caregiver easily generates over 6 figures in revenue.


Content Writing

The best business for nurses who want to work from home and earn income.

Content is in hot demand and businesses are searching for nurses to write for them. Portia Wofford owns an agency that can match you with businesses who need your skill set and expertise.


Med Spa

Med Spas can be extremely profitable to start and for the right nurse fun! But there are a lot of moving pieces to get them started.

You need a back office, an approach to clients, marketing and much more. In this program you will learn everything you need to know to launch your med spa business.



This is the cream of alla creams! 

Everything in the course/s above you choose +

  • 1:1 Coaching x 6 months to create business strategy
  • Marketing Implementation Support Including Funnels, Tech, Content, Ads, Social Media and More...
  • Weekly In Depth Coaching With Marketing Team
  • Daily Support As Needed With Marketing Team Via Slack
  • Quarterly Intensives in Sales, Traffic and Platforms

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