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Content Repurpose System

The Only 3-Hour Crash Course That Takes Nurses Step-By-Step To Ranking On Page 1 On Google So Your Audience Can Actually Find You

Let's Get Real... 

  • Do you have a strategy for an online presence? 

  • Can you get more followers with what you are doing?

  • Does your audience stumble upon your website?

  • Are you frustrated with your lack of traction and growth?

You already know everything you need to be an expert, but now you need to be visible, you need to be found.

What you need is a PROVEN SYSTEM to keep you focused on building your online presence without taking up all your free time and energy. 

The Content Repurpose System will teach you how to leverage your nursing knowledge into one video that can be repurposed into over 20 social media posts a week delivered on more than 10 platforms so your audience WILL stumble upon you, your ideas, your products or services.

What's Included:

On demand access to Catie’s proven nurse visibility formula to define, design and launch your personal brand. This is the same formula hundreds of nurses across America have been using to market their ideas, their scholarship and their businesses.

Whether you're a NursePreneur, an academic, working in clinical practice or just want to be heard - this is the solution you've been searching for to crack the code in marketing, so that YOU get found.

With this system, not only will your ideal audience find you, but now the opportunity opens up for you to get speaking gigs, to lead workshops, write chapters, even get on media.  When the media is looking for an expert, where do you think they go? GOOGLE.

Once you’re finished this course, you'll rank in Google, you will be easily found and you will be open to new opportunities finding you.

Real Nurses, 

Real Results

Our students have gone on to:

  • Start You Tube Channels
  • Create Businesses Online
  • Develop Speaking Careers
  • Write Books On Their Passion  
  • Get Media Attention
  • Be Invited To Write Chapters For Textbooks
  • And many more opportunities…

Not sure how to develop an online presence

Guess what? This program is EXACTLY for YOU!

Your nursing skills and knowledge are what people are desperately looking for – they WANT, NEED and DESIRE coaching, counselling, consulting, services, training in every aspect of health and wellness.

It doesn't matter if you have a business, a research platform or you just want to share your clinical expertise with others, you need an online presence.

After the Content Repurpose System, you will: 

Know exactly what your message is and who it will serve

Have a step-by-step plan to creating content for your audience that will help you be found

Understand how to market your ideas and your business

Have confidence to finally take the leap towards the life of your dreams.

Join Today And Get: 

Lesson 1: The Repurpose System

Understand how the Repurpose System works

  • Learn the #1 step (most nurses forget to take) to build an online presence
  • Test your different ideas and messages by honing in on your keywords
  • Pick the videos you are going to move forward with.

Lesson  2: The Production Plan

Don't be fooled, every video by professionals are scripted out.  We'll show you the exact formula for scripting out your videos
  • Use our templates to plan and script out what you are going to say on video.  This is a crucial step
  • We give you the tools and resources you need to be successful on this step

Lesson 3: The Editing Process

Learn how to transform your raw video footage into professional looking videos that your audience will binge on
  • We use a simple and inexpensive editing software that is a game changer
  • Learn the simple method for creating professional looking videos or you can always hire them out 

Lesson 4: Distribution

Now we take your videos and distribute them across multiple platforms for maximum exposure
  • Use Catie’s proven  formula to make your ideas, opinions and expertise discoverable
  • Posting one time is not enough you need a wide distribution over many platforms with a variety of good, quality content.

BONUS #1:  2020 Repurpose Calendar  ($99 value)

BONUS #2: Marketing Checklist  ($99 value)

BONUS #3: Home Video Studio Set Up Guide ($49 value)


Rather than trying to figure out how to develop an online presence on your own, I want to set you up for rapid success that won't take a lot of your valuable time.

I believe that having a system in place is a game changer.  You know this from working the floors.  Once you figured out your 'system' as a nurse, your day became much more manageable.  It's the same online.  You don't have to be constantly on social media to have a presence, this system makes all of it completely manageable.

Because the truth is working harder won't improve your situation to the same extent that working smarter will.



Who is this program for? 

This program is for nurses who are serious about becoming visible and heard online.  Nurses who own a business, who want to share their scholarship or their clinical expertise will benefit immensely from this program. 

Why is online presence so important?

Online presence is vital.  Nowadays when someone hears about you, the first thing they do is go onto Google to learn more about you.  They may even be talking to you and typing you into Google at the same time.  If they find nothing, thye become a little suspicious and doubtful.  Without an online presence your credibility for better or worse deteriorates.  Your online presence may be weak because you've spent so much time building up your business, scholarship or clinical practice, but that's no longer enough.  Building an online presence also puts you in the conversation that others are having.  People are actively searching the Internet right now looking for someone with your expertise and they are finding others.  Those other people may be less qualified than you, but they have something that is more important in this day and age - Online Presence.  They can be found.  All your expertise is limited in value if no one can find you.  By completing this program, you will make an impression on the Internet and doors and opportunities will open up to you.

How much time will this program take?

The Content Repurpose System itself can be completed very quickly.  The modules are short and the work is straight forward.  You will need to choose your topics, shoot your videos and create social media graphics.  You can allocate one day every 2 months for this or spread it out over several weeks to get it down.  It's really up to you and how you like to work. 

I have no business, will this program work for me?

Yes! The goal of the Content Repurpose System is to help you become visible and found by your audience.  It doesn't matter if you are a business, an academic or a clinician.  If you want to be found and heard, then this system will work for you.  The Content Repurpose System is a highly effective marketing strategy that will work for any purpose. 

When can I expect to see results?

It depends. If you go through the process and create the 8 videos we suggest you create and deliver them weekly with the social media posts, you should start to see some traction within 60 days.  However, this method is for the long haul.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that is controlled through the Google algorithm.  There are many factors that go into ranking.  If you are consistent and persistent, you will be rewarded with traffic, but it can easily take 6 months to a year to get that traction down.  Doing 1 video and stopping will probably not do much for you.  Commit to getting in front of your audience and letting them hear your message.

Can I get a refund?

No. This course is delivered completely upfront.  There are no refunds on this course.  However, we would appreciate your feedback.  If you don't feel you've received immensely valuable information about organizing your content and saving time for yourself, send us an email.  We will work with you to make improvements to the course and your overall experience.

When can I start the course?

Right now!