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Systematize Your Expertise Offer

Create A Nursing Business From What You Already Know

Join now to SYSTEMATIZE your nursing business today.

If you are tired of crazy shifts, multiple jobs or just having your expertise ignored, taken for granted... If you're ready to start something new, invest in yourself and create a life that you've always knew was possible, then this message is for you.

There is a way that you can use your nursing knowledge to do what you love doing - helping others and teaching about health and wellness.

And you need to realize there is a cost to not dealing with this.

If You Don't Change The Direction Of Your Life Now, It Just Gets Worse.

That's right.  Have you ever seen burnt out nurses, the ones who hate their jobs, but can't leave.  Those nurses who delegate from the computer station but rarely ever get up?  What about the angry nurses who yell at their patients.  Maybe you've thought, "I'm going to get away from bedside nursing before that happens".  But then 10-15-20 years later, there you are.

  • The primary problem is caused by not getting enough personal and career development

  • Getting more degrees doesn't help, because they only prolong your exposure in a profession that is largely taken for granted

  • Most opportunities to get away from bedside nursing or change things up only lasts for a couple months, maybe a year before you are back in the same situation before

  • And finally, you probably don't have a great exit plan.  Maybe you are looking for a way to find your passion for nursing again and make some extra money.

If you keep doing what you've been doing, you will start to morph into the angry, burnt out nurse.

I've got an answer that works.  

What's The Secret?

The secret is systematizing your expertise.  As a nurse you are a walking source of information, encouragement, empathy, knowledge, know-how and creativity.

What if what you know right now... Today... without any more degrees, certifications or licenses behind your name... What if you could package your knowledge into a business model and start earning a side income.  What if that side income eventually replaces your full time income? 

What if I could show you, take you step by step and move by move through the exact process that my mentors taught me on how to wrap a system around your expertise?

You see, the only difference between you and someone else is how you deliver your message and your information.  

Let me fast track this process for you.  Join me in my 6-week program called Systematize Your Expertise, so I can show you how simple starting a business can be with the knowledge you already have. 

Check it out!

Why Nurses Choose "Systematize Your Expertise"?

Knowing Isn't Enough

It's not enough to know a lot.  Have you ever had a professor who knew too much and taught all over the place?  You couldn't follow. That is what it is like when we give patients lots of information but no system to process it.   Put your ideas and knowledge into a system and you will be successful.


The Best Isn't Good Enough

Just because someone is the best at something doesn't mean they can show others how to achieve success.   Learn how to deconstruct what you know and then package, price and position your knowledge so your audience wants to hear your message and wants to engage with you.

What You Know Can Be Systematized

When you deconstruct your process and put it into a system, your knowledge can be turned into a business that creates a raving audience who wants to buy what you offer.  You don't need extra licenses, degrees or certifications, you simply need to be able to show people the way.


Main Benefits of "Systematize Your Expertise"

You Are Enough As You Are

Your nursing background is an expertise.  It might not always feel like it, but you have over 10,000 hours of patient contact hours.  By definition this makes you an expert!  If you stop and reflect on what you know, you will amaze yourself...

All it takes is some self-reflection about what you are good at, finding an audience you love to work with and a desire to help others.


No additional degrees

You do NOT need a coaching certificate, advanced degrees or more training in nursing. You already know exponentially more about health than most gurus out there!


No additional costs

I show you how to systematize your expertise using ALL free tools from start to end.  I also give you inexpensive alternatives that you can use, but know that you can literally set up and run a business with zero overhead costs.


Get it right the first time

With this system there is no guessing if you are going in the right direction.  I'm with you step by step and move by move.  It's impossible to get it wrong.


Get validated as you move forward

Get feedback every step of the way.  This is most powerful when you hit a day where one positive word can re-fuel and re-energize you!


Join Me Now In This 6-Module Online Course

What you will accomplish - this is your reward: 

  • You will have an online business course ready to be delivered to your audience
  • Your knowledge will be packaged up into a tidy system that is easy for you to communicate to your audience
  • Because you can easily describe and communicate your message, your audience understands what they are getting when they purchase your online course or program.
  • You will generate passive income while you sleep


Here's What You Get When You Invest In Systematize Your Expertise


Module 1 - Message To Market Match

In the first module we take your idea and make it compelling. The difference between a product that sells and one that doesn't are the words used to communicate the benefits.  Get this right and it's smooth sailing.

Module 2 - The Arc Of A Story Sells

In the second module, we use your story of being a nurse to really enhance the credibility of your offering and your message.  Your story matters and people need to hear it.  The story will be the essence of all your marketing.

Module 3 - How You Know What You Know

In the third module we need to deconstruct what you know so that your audience can follow you step by step and achieve the success you have planned for them.  Use my templates to systematize your expertise.

Module 4 - Package Your System

Once we have your system identified we need to package it up so that it is ready to be delivered.  Presentation is everything and it's no different in selling information or courses.

Module 5 - Pricing Your Offering

Pricing is an area that many students can ruin their offering.  If you price something too low people won't believe that it will be effective.  Price too high too soon and you'll never make a profit.  Let me show you how to find the sweet spot.

Module 6 - Position Yourself In The Market

The way you package and price your offering will determine your position in the marketplace, but there are other factors such as creating your brand and delivering a particular experience that are important too.